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Your Opportunity With Game Time Magazine

It ain't professional, but neither are we. Send us your pictures.
It ain't professional, but neither are we. Send us your pictures.

And now, time for an unapologetic plug. The game day magazine we produce has had the luxury of a near-professional photographer over the last two seasons. He gave us all kinds of great shots that we used throughout the paper. Unfortunately, he will no longer be at every game and our well has suddenly gotten quite shallow.

This, however, opens up a great opportunity for anyone who attends Blues games this year. We'll be dedicating a whole page to fan-submitted photos from the game. Since we are, of course, a fan-based publication and a seriously non-objective source of Blues news commentary and jokes for the other fans attending games, what better way to incorporate your experiences into the paper too?

Send us your great and not-so-great photos of game action, fan action, concourse craziness or whatever else you've captured on your camera or phone and we'll use it here and/or print it in the paper on our new "From the Cheap Seats" page. Got a picture of in-game action? We'll print it. A shot of you and your drunk buddies and Bluie? We'll probably print that. Some dude in a utility closet pissing in a weird sink? If it happened at the game, we'll probably print that too.

The address, as always, is We'll make you semi-famous. Regionally.