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Saturday Links: September 24th edition

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Hey. HEY! Don't you go in the net-no! NO! Stay outta there!
Hey. HEY! Don't you go in the net-no! NO! Stay outta there!

Late to the F You post:

Fuck you 8 hour bus ride to Stillwater, OK. I enjoy coaching and all, but this particular overnight trip negated both a chance to head down to the Drinkscotch AND a chance to get hammered on the school's dime thanks to the Young Alumni Mixer.

Blues News:

  • Blues thump the Wild 5-0. It's almost like the pre-season game matters. Almost. [Post-Dispatch]
  • Actually, this game did end up having ramifications for the Wild. Josh Harding ended up meeting Brad Boyes in a painful way. [Hockey Wilderness]
  • Jeff Gordon is buying into the young Blues elevating their game. [Post-Dispatch]

NHL News:

  • By now, you oughta know I'm never one to pass up Down Goes Brown: Tips for your Fantasy Hockey Draft. [DGB]
  • Join me in calling "bullshit" on the Free Press. They believe that Detroit is still an attractice place to play to not get shot at. [Detroit Free Press]
  • Formerly alive tough guy Bob Probert's brain has been donated to science by his family. Oh, the stories it could tell. [Puck Daddy]
  • More of last night's scores. [TSN]
  • An update on the Stars ownership situation. If this turns into a fiasco like the Coyotes deal, I will cut a bitch. [Defending Big D]

Other Stuff:

  • Here's something to wear to your next "Alien" (as in the movie) themed party when your Ripley costume just isn't cutting it. [Daily What]
  • They've cured shyness! Now they're one step away from curing douchebagerry. [Telegraph UK]
  • Only at Harvard: A 1,905 page suicide note. [The Crimson]


"Pabst Blue Ribbon: Drink it, ya asshole."

This is one of those videos that'll make me laugh long after I'm done watching it.

In the event that this video has the sides cut off, you can view the whole thing by clicking here.

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