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The Late Links Chat Session

PCS is aiming for an afternoon version of the links and then we'll have a GDT for the Blues game in Colorado tonight (let there be a radio feed, please).

In the meantime, feel free to chat up your Sunday topics here.

Some topics:

  • Blues cuts could start happening as soon as tonight.
  • Brad Winchester looks to be the guy who is going to assume the Keith Tkachuk/Human Target role on the second powerplay unit.
  • The Rams play today: did you hear that they have a good quarterback? It doesn't get much press, but I think his name is Sam something.
  • My upset pick for Sunday: Titans over the Giants (-3). My lock for the week: eagles (-3.5) over Jacksonville. My going with my head, not my heart pick: Taking the Packers (-3) over my Bears on Monday.
  • Apparently the local baseball team is not good and may have serious chemistry problems.

Enjoy your Sunday, yo.