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Sunday Links: Afternoon Edition


Sunday Links: RIP Links Machine 1.0 Edition

Let's click some shit.

Blues News:

  • A good way to replace the 31 goals lost between Walt and Kariya involves scoring more on the power play, which the Blues are aiming to do. [STLToday]

NHL News:

  • New York Rangers to Wade Redden: GTFO [Puck Daddy]
  • Isles defenseman Mark Streit is dealing with a shoulder injury that could possibly be severe. This may render him incapable of receiving the ol' 9 of hearts from David Perron. [TSN]
  • 10 best fantasy hockey team names [Puck Daddy]
  • Two fights earned some standalone love on Puck Padre: [Malkin/Nash] got into a good ol' fashioned scrap & [Kovalchuk/Avery] ended with Kovalchuk using a retailatory gesture that I believe I used last in 4th grade. Anybody else know that Geno could throw 'em?
  • It's made the rounds on Game Time already, but Wild Netminder Josh Harding is out for the year thanks to a crease collision with Brad Boyes, blowing an anterior cruciate and a medial collateral ligament. I'll attempt a general explanation on this type of injury later since I've already seen a few glaring errors in other explanations. Yahoo for PT school. [Hockey Wilderness]

Other Stuff:

  • After reading this one, my first question is: Why? My second question is: Dumbass. It may not technically be a "question" but it gets the point across. [BBC]
  • File under: Headlines you never thought you'd read [AOLNews]
  • I might start making the "Dumbass way to die or get hurt" links a regular thing. [Dailymail]


2 videos today. I have no sound in the library so I'm taking both senders at their word that they're good.

Carnie wants to take us on a cruise: "00:48 a lady smacks into a pole and then gets swept away by the chairs." Link is here if the embed fails.

And RealBadRobot likes her System of a Down. I approve wholeheartedly

Thanks for waiting the spare 8 hours for me. I'll figure my technology problems out by next weekend. Until then, enjoy Averagejoe for the Monday to Friday shift.

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