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Wednesday links: Oh captain, my captain edition

Eric Brewer is the captain now and forever. Deal with it.

Blues news

  • The Blues talked a lot to the media on Tuesday. [BND]
  • Eric Brewer is the captain, dammit. Stop suggesting otherwise. [Morning Skate]
  • A look at Blues storylines. [InsideSTL]
  • From Susie: Jay McClement kicks ass and takes names. Seriously he's the best defensive forward in hockey. [NHL Hot Stove]

Hockey news

  • Biggie said it best: Mo' money, mo' problems. Dan Ellis tweeted about how hard his life is as a pro athlete and how much he worries about money. The reaction wasn't very nice. Ever seen "Saving Private Ryan", Dan? Always bitch up, never down. [Puck Daddy]
  • Dion Phanuef says the Maple Leafs will be a playoff team this season. Good luck with that. [TSN]
  • TSN talks about Sidney Crosby, Alex Ovechkin and Fantasy and includes a picture where the two look like they're going to kiss. Not awkward at all. [TSN]
  • Jeff Halpren joins the Canadiens. At 6-feet tall, he's probably too tall for the Habs. [TSN]
  • An ATV accident will have Wild center James Sheppard out 3-to-4 months. A golf cart took Erik Johnson out for a season. [TSN]
  • The results of the fake mock draft. Blame Brad for losing Barret Jackman. Except not really since he's still in St. Louis and this is fake. But blame him anyway. [SB Nation]
  • A look at the Pittsburgh Pirates, the Edmonton Oilers and small-market teams. [The Copper & Blue]
  • The Carolina Hurricanes may be a surprise contender. Or not. [Canes Country]
  • Zdeno Chara wants a new contract. [ESPN Boston]
  • Stan Bowman gets promoted. [ESPN Chicago]

Other links

  • Bacon soda? Pizza soda? No thanks. Some things just shouldn't be made, you know?[Geekologie]
  • 50 Cent has joined Twitter and he is insane. He also writes rather poorly. Someone has taken to translating Fitty ... into Queen's English. Enjoy. [Twitter]
  • Things I didn't know until today: They still make DeLoreans. If I ever get rich, I'm getting two. [Culture Map]


Dave wanted to know if I have the link to the official Game Time music video. Of course.

Gallagher has some stuff for later. Do come back.