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Thursday Links: ds;shg;oigwhwh edition

After several attempts at a headline evoking my frustration with the Blues and this season, I've settled on this random assortment of keystrokes as an accurate interpretation. Think of it as the closest to modern art that the Morning Links will get.

Blues News:

  • Blues lose in a laugher. [AP]
  • Who's up for burning the midnight oil again? Blues/Kings at 9:30. [Blues]
  • JR explains the SNAFU in signing Kyle Wellwood. [Post-Dispatch]

NHL News:

  • Hockey fans kick ass. Good for Mo Cheeks when he picked up the anthem for the forgetful girl in the NBA, but this is way cooler. [Puck Daddy]
  • Goalies are crazy, or in this case, whiny. The spin-o-rama pisses off some, apparently. The shooters found a new wrinkle to exploit. It's the goalies' turn to find a new way to gain the advantage or neutralize the shooters' edge. Deal with it, netminders. [Hockey Wilderness]
  • I like Pension Plan Puppets. It's not just because they inject Transformers themes into their headlines, but that's a big part of it. [PPP]
  • That particular victory netted Ron Wilson's 600th coaching win, which came with a cash bounty...[Puck Daddy]
  • Which may have been a cap violation. [TSN]
  • Flower Power saw Price's gangsta pose and decided to try one out for himself. [Pensburgh]

Other Stuff:

  • This guy knows how to get fired. Kudos to Lady PCS and UWWildthing for the tip. [I-Am-Bored]
  • Matt dares to venture into the darkest realms of the web for news on Detroit. Their latest "We don't suck that bad" campaign uses the "Crackhouse" font. Good going, Detroit. [MLive]
  • Your Game Time joke of the day. Oddly enough, this link's courtesy of my lady, too. [ICanHasInternets]
  • And she also has a handy calculator to figure out just how much booze you've had throughout your lifetime. Suppose I'll take her some place nice as a thank you for helping me. [Ion Design]


A David Backes multi-goal game provided the only bright spot for Blues fans, unless wandering goalies are your thing.

UWWildthing (again!) with the helper. If it were closer to the Olympics I'd consider this as a tribute to Bobby Ryan, as well. Unfortunately, it's not, so fuck you and your hat trick Bobby Ryan.

Perhaps the boys fare better tonight? God, I hope so.

Hartigan comes back for the weekend and she'll take whatever submissions you've got over at Gametimelinks (at)

I'll see you again on MLK day.