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Breaking News from your Game Time Prospect Department

As most of you already know, I'm moving to Arizona this weekend.

I just got back from taking my cat to the shelter, and honestly, I'm kinda broken up about it. Shrimpy is a sweet kitteh and it broke my heart to leave him there at the shelter, but if the Fates allow, when I come back to retreive my stuff in the storage locker, I can "adopt" him again and take him to AZ with me when I have my own place to stay in.

Anyhow, all of my utilities -- including Internet -- will be turned off as of tomorrow, and I'm flying out tomorrow afternoon, so there will be no Prospect Sunday this week. I know y'all don't want to hear excuses, but I've had to essentially throw away much of the last 20 years of my life in the last few days, and I just haven't had time to spend on the data collection and stuff I normally do.

I may be able to post something on Sunday after I get settled in at mom and dad's place, depending on how tired I am after busting my hump all week, pretty much all alone (except for the much-appreciated help of my cousin Scott yesterday).

Prospect Sunday will resume as normal by next Sunday, Jan. 23, at the very latest, and there will be no interruption in material for the print version of "Game Time." Thanks for your understanding, and for the support I've received from all my "Game Time" family during this monumentally shitty time in my so-called "life."