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Saturday Links: The Follow-up edition

Tonight is another late start in California. Pregame it up watching football. Then come back here for a riveting good time.

Blues News:

  • Boyes wants to score more. [Post Dispatch]

  • Tonight's preview. [Post Dispatch]

  • Fear the Fin predicts a 7-1 Sharks win. I'm serious. It says that. Too much sun for those guys over there. [Fear The Fin]

  • A new edition of Ice Time Online debuts with a look back to December as a group of Rivermen players and coaches pay a visit to the Children's Hospital of Illinois. They might mention the Bravo Channel and programming on it. [YouTube]

NHL News:

  • Aaaaaand it landed on three. Leafs' Mike Brown gets 3 games for ‘lateral hit' on Jovanovski [Puck Daddy]

  • Jackets will match the Fans' pledge when they bead the Wings. Which they did. In a SO [Puck-Rakers]

  • Jimmy Howard injured. Chris Osgood still out with a hernia. [The Hockey News]

  • Cringe inducing crash into the boards of the day. Colorado's Ryan O'Reilly hospitalized. [Puck Daddy]

Other Stuff:

  • Mad libs time! Fill in the blanks with nouns. HOLY ____, ____ MAN! The complete history of the Batmobile. [insideline]

  • NBA draftees show us how not to dress. [Guyism]


Utter nonsense. A walrus doing sit ups.  Points for quoting the poem, "The Walrus and the Carpenter" after seeing this.


Off to the gym.


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