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Road Music: 01/15 @ San Jose Sharks

So, our friends at FTF think that the cure for a losing streak is playing the Blues, eh? Their preview for the game predicts a Sharks win, 7-1. The Sharks are currently riding a 6-game losing streak, including recent home losses to the Edmonton Oilers and Toronto Maple Leafs. Tonight, the St. Louis Blues come into town. To quote NHL owner wannabe Jim Balsillie, "Make It Seven" !!!!

Seven Nation Army / The White Stripes

Much was made in the Shark's last visit to St Louis about the lack of "retribution" handed to Thornton for the Perron hit. The win is more important.

And the message coming from my eyes
Says leave it alone

If I had to sum up this song in one word, it is RELENTLESS. This is exactly the approach the Blues should take with the game tonight. Never let up. Keep driving.

I'm gonna work the straw
Make the sweat drip out of every pore

The Enemy: There's not much we don't already know about these guys: they are a tough team to play against. They've broken up the HTML line, and the expected top line for tonight is Dany Heatley, Jumbo Joe Thornton, and Calder-favorite Logan Couture. They have just got Joe Pavelski back from injury, but are still missing Torrey Mitchell, and Twitter reports suggest that Ryan Clowe is iffy as well. One interesting stat: The Sharks' top 5 scorers each have 29 points or more, but are also a combined -45. The Sharks are expected to start Antti Niemi tonight in goal (2.85 / .910).

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It's another late one tonight, folks. The puck drops at 9:30 PM St Louis time. The broadcasts are at the usual outlets: FSMW for TV, KMOX 1120AM for radio. The GDT will be along a little before game time. Until then, this is your pregame warmup. Gather here, trade web feeds, talk NFL playoff smack, and enjoy this You Tube discovery:

  - Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus! (via JohnzyJay)