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Blues start new streak, stay undefeated against Kings.

I'm so psyched, Imma show Berglund my phone! Me too! Me? I'm so psyched Imma show him my tummy meat!
I'm so psyched, Imma show Berglund my phone! Me too! Me? I'm so psyched Imma show him my tummy meat!

Who likes bullet points? You know I do. Why? Because I'm what they call "lazy."

  • T.J. Oshie returns to the lineup a month early and is given much love by the crowd, including a spontaneous O-SHIE! chant when he really wasn't even doing anything at the time. He was also awarded the game's first star by the media in the press box. Honestly, that's a sentimental awarding of the first star. Count me among the many that were happy to see Teej back on the ice, but he wasn't his normal self. Then again, 85% of T.J. Oshie is better than 100% of Chris Porter. He definitely looked a tad tentative to me and he also didn't have quite the jump we're used to seeing. That said, I'm sure it's just a couple games away - the kid still has some rust to bust off.
  • Brad Boyes intercepts an airborne pass and is in on a partial breakaway and his $200 stick snaps at precisely the wrong moment. Name one person who is surprised by this outcome.
  • There is no way in the world that I would want to break open fresh stitches with another puck. Carlo Colaiacovo, we could feel your pain, even way up in the cheap seats. Actually, that is meant figuratively, not literally, but my asshole did pucker a little when I saw him rolling around and kicking his feet on the ice. Dude is gonna look like Frankenstein's monster by the end of the season.
  • I hate love to say I told you so. So imagine how happy I was when Davis Payne took a first period timeout to prep his team for the upcoming 5-on-3. I've been harping on using timeouts when the need arises rather than saving them for the last minute of the game. Of course, Payne made me look semi-smart when the post-timeout power play unit converted and gave the Blues their first goal of the game.
  • As long as I'm going to toot toot about being right for once, I might as well throw out my next cockamamie theory right now: Late in the third period, up by one with a defensive zone faceoff near the home bench, the Blues should have thrown Philip McRae out to take the faceoff rather than Silent Jay McClement. Everyone knows McClement is great at faceoffs and that he thrioves on winning defensive zone faceoffs, but McRae has been ridiculously good on faceoffs, winning 13 of 19 in his short NHL career. I'm sure there was a hesitation to put him on the ice at a crucial time, but why not try the old Mike Eastwood? Let him win the faceoff and then race to the bench to switch places with McClement. And yes, I'm serious about this. A 68.4% faceoff percentage is no joke.
  • I think sometimes NHL players look at the guy they're playing against and start to buy into his numbers and his hype. Jonathan Quick is having a great year and has been hard to beat and I think the Blues had that in their heads. On odd-man rushes they over-passed and missed on scoring chances. Then, with no option late in the third, Erik Johnson flips a puck on net and it somehow squeaks five hole and barely slides over the goal line. There's a lesson to be learned here about throwing pucks on net. I think Eeej was hoping for a pad rebound for the charging David Backes, but sometimes even good goalies dick the dog.

I'm sure I've missed some points, so feel free to throw them out in the comments. Detroit is in on Thursday; don't peak too early everyone.

Oh, and since I forgot to mention it, Jack Johnson is a douchebag.