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Dallas Douchebags @ Blues GDT

What's crazier today: the Blues going for their sixth win in a row without three of their best offensive players or the Rams playing a game for the NFC West title and a trip to the playoffs? Am I drunk?

The excitement in the St. Louis sports fan base is growing with this Blues team. We've talked in the past about how if you're reading this story and holding this paper chances are very likely that you are THE Blues fan in many of your personal situations. At work, you're considered the No. 1 fan. Among your friends, no one owns more jerseys. You help settle bets about whether or not Wayne Gretzky is a hermaphrodite. And I'm sure you've noticed as being that prime Blues fan that you're more popular now. The team is a frequent topic at lunch. Coworkers think you must be really fucking happy right now. Checkers at the grocery store ask where you got your Blues shirt. The last time I can remember stuff like this happening so frequently is right before the playoffs in 2008-09. That is so much better than five years ago when if you wore some Blues gear on a non-game day and you walked by someone else wearing it at the grocery store or the gun store or the liquor store, you nodded at each other and shared a knowing glance that said, "Hey bro. Hang in there. We'll make it through this. Where's the Wild Turkey?"

The Dallas Stars are in town tonight. It's the last game against Dallas this season. It's just Jan. 2. That doesn't seem right.

We haven't really looked into who's starting in goal or if there are any injuries or surprises with the lineup. We'll be surprised together.

This is your game day thread. Treat it like you're a gushing oil well, it's the Gulf of Mexico and it's 2010 all over again.