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Blues fall to Wings in OT

Some thoughts, some musings, and some swearing are ahead in the recap. Once again, it's brought to you in the ever popular bullet format:

  • Gallagher questions Payne's usage of timeouts, Payne's next timeout results in a powerplay goal. Gallagher gets on Berglund, Berglund unfucks his game and hustles all night while registering a goal. All hail glorious leader Gravy! I triple dog dare you to call out Boyes, Gallagher. You know you want to.
  • The Blues have managed to kick the habit of streaking on wins/losses as of late, alternating wins and losses over the last 5 games.
  • That save at the end of regulation? I thought for sure that was going in when I saw Halak scrambling back to the crease with a mass of humanity piling in on him. It would've been just like the Wings to let the Blues tie it up only to snatch away our charity point in the closing minute. I've never been more glad to be wrong in my life.
  • Speaking of Jaro, I saw him have one helluva game even though Detroit scored 4 times. I can't find any one of the goals "soft" and in the event the Blues actually pulled out the win, the metropolitan area would be talking about his end of regulation adventure resulting in the Blues stealing 2 points instead of one. All in all, solid game for #41.
  • Fuck Detroit
  • Being at the game took away any chance of seeing replays, but some officiating calls stood out to me. 1) The boarding call on Reaves is another penalty in a disturbing trend of awkward falls bringing about a call, rather than the hit itself. 2) The cleared puck by Kronwall on the Blues first power play looked like an easy Delay of Game call. Then again, that linesman looked pretty damn certain it was tipped. Help me out if you saw a replay, because I had to go with what I saw live.
  • 3) This missed call gets its own bullet. You can't have 5 skaters on the ice in OT. The Blues had a 3 on 2 effectively turned into a 3 on 3 when the Wings, with their bench being on their defensive zone side, let one skater over the bench to defend the rush before the skater coming off hadn't hardly gotten over the Blues blueline on the opposite side of the rink. Schrutebucks if you can find a screen grab with the violation taking place.
  • I hate owing people when I lose a bet. My old roommate gets a bottle of whiskey thanks to tonight's result. Fuck him.
  • Mayor Oshie's second game back looked a lot better, even without him scoring a goal. Physical play was much more noticeable and his effort in both ends of the rink helped him make plays that I doubt anyone else on this team could make. And that goal just about blew the lid off the Drinkscotch. Who gives a shit if we were just down 3-0? Oshie scored! WOOOOOO!

Kudos to DanGNR for the spare ticket to the game and good discussion before/after resulting in a few of the points seen above.

The Blues get a night off tomorrow and are back at in on Saturday against Columbus. 2 points are a must. Watching Teej destroy Nash again would be pretty sweet, too.