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Blues @ Wintry Disasters GDT

Look, there's not much to say after Saturday night. The Blues got out to a 2-0 lead and then allowed Columbus to score five times. That's horrible. Division game, end of a home stand, All-Star Break in sight and they put that kind of effort out there. That got Ryan Reaves and Ian Cole trips on the Peoria express. Nikita Nitkinin and Steven Red Rover Red Rover or whatever the hell his name is are up. Difference makers, they are not. Andy McDonald and David Perron are exercising. That's a plus. The Blues have been dreadful in recent years in Colorado. They don't have that luxury tonight. Two games to the long weekend break.

We're not terribly optimistic right now. A good game might change that. It might not.

This is your game day thread. Try not to get too upset if they don't pull this one out.