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Tuesday Links: Clown shoes edition

Welcome to Blues Hockey: Horrible stretches of play followed by an inspired 5 or 10 minutes followed by some fluky shit. Not necessarily in that order.

Throw in a blown lead and you've got a good summary of the season so far wrapped up in one game against the Avs. All that was missing was another fucking injury.

Blues News:

  • Andy McDonald is one step closer to getting back into the line-up. [Post-Dispatch]
  • Recrap. Don't tell me I didn't spell it right. [AP]

NHL News:

  • Pronger and his thievery of pucks is back in the news for a good cause. Hat tip to Healthy Scratch for the tip. [Broad Street Hockey] - [TSN]
  • Sidney Crosby is out for the All-Star Game. If you listen closely, you can hear the distinct sound of Gary Bettman sobbing. [ESPN]
  • Sure, 99 was the Great One and all, but TSN's 50th birthday celebration/recap just seems like a big reach. Dude was arguably the best ever, but the other 3 major sports don't need to trot out Jordan and Ruth highlights just so people notice the sport. Hell, I'm probably still just bitter about the loss. [TSN]
  • Marc Savard is the proud owner of a brand new concussion. Bad news for Bruins fans. [TSN] - [Stanley Cup of Chowder]
  • Brent Seabrook is not on the block. Go about your lives, people. [Sporting News]
  • The 10 Worst Leafs since the lockout. This would be a helluva idea for Game Time. We haven't had any good Cajanek jokes in a while. [Pension Plan Puppets]

Other Stuff:

  • Another take on Rock Paper Scissors. Naturally, this comes around right after I figure out Lizard and Spock. [Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal]
  • The choice of paranoid office coffee drinkers everywhere! [Lock Cup]
  • 17 images that will ruin your childhood. I KNEW Greedo walked funny for a space gangster! [Cracked]


Gift needs more cowbell. If the cowbell video doesn't stop a losing streak, I don't know what will.

Hey, Turco! Care to give us your thoughts on Pierre McGuire? (Gracias, Healthy Scratch)

Plenty of good stuff on deck for today. Tuesdays with Hildy and more on the McDonald helmet monstrosity.

Some times I can't think of a good line to go out on. Other times, I can't think of a good line to go out on and somehow convince myself that it's a symbolic protest of the Blues recent streaky play.

Either way, gametimelinks (at)