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Thursday Links: Bring back Conroy (and Blues wins) edition

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After watching the Blues fall to another loss, it's safe to say that the Blues have made the whole hockerverse forget about the hot start at the beginning of the season.

I'll be willing to not pursue Conroy, provided the  Blues get back to winning after the ASB. You've been warned.

And off we go into Links.

Blues News:

  • Another loss. Big shock. But hey! The Blues kept that non-shutout streak alive, which I'm sure will look nice one day on the shelf next to all those consecutive playoff appearances with no cup to show for it. [AP]
  • Hockey Guy looks at the end of times for Craig Conroy. [Post-Dispatch]
  • It might not be as sharp looking or salty as Pens/Caps 24/7, but going inside the locker room and mic'ing up the players is still worth a watch. [[Blues]

NHL News:

  • Scotty Bowman would like his pre-lockout hockey back, please. [TSN]
  • Craig Conroy appears to be on his way out of the NHL. [Globe and Mail]
  • It's the ownership saga that wouldn't die! That's right, welcome back to Coyotes ownership turmoil (maybe). Either way, the suspense is killing me. [Puck Daddy]
  • Upon turning 50, Wayne reflects on his age milestone and the game of hockey. [TSN]
  • Sean Avery wants you to protect your skin. Click this and look at almost all of his displayed on a t-shirt. Actually, fuck this link. Don't click on it. [Puck Daddy]
  • Scores. [TSN]

Other Stuff:

  • Each state, broken down by what it sucks at. [Pleated Jeans]
  • Sometimes the villain is actually right. Not applicable if they're a Wings fan. [Cracked]
  • If you've always wanted to fire that asshole with the Wings tie but just couldn't, try and live vicariously through the actions of these Bears fans. [Mental Floss]


BluesForever is going to try and cheer you up by bringing to mind the one team that the Blues have been able to take care of this year.

Hartigan will be around the links for the weekend. Get your best innanet finds over to gametimelinks (at)