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The Return of F-You Friday

Momma always said if you can't say anything nice then you shouldn't say anything at all. . . .

. . . Well, fuck that shit. I had a buddy tell me the other day that this whole team and whole season is another shitpile stinking mess and that the only logical reaction to that was for me to be angry and let loose some hate. At the time I wasn't really feeling it.


Fuck you Blues. I'm sick of being the guy who is defending this shitty, streaky play. You already got one coach fired, so that little trick isn't going to work again. You got management to go out and get a good goalie instead of having to play scared in front of Chris "Five hole? Hell, I'll show you an Eight Hole" Mason, so that excuse is over. The owners aren't going anywhere, so guess what's left? One of you untouchables is gonna get a one-way plane ticket coming up. Congratulations, you've managed to win the Buddy Fucker Sweepstakes and someone gonna have to sell their house. And a bunch of us are gonna be walking around in jerseys with some dude's name on them who isn't even here.

Fuck you cheapasses. I know we're all waiting to hear who the new big-pocketed silent partner owner is going to be, but if they come out and announce who it is and it's not some billionaire who wants to spend a bunch of money and bring home a winner, Imma hit somebody with a hammer. Having a general manager who is only allowed to improve the team by signing players released from shitty KHL teams and trying to build through our (apparently) second tier level prospects sucks. If the Blues aren't going to be able to swing a real trade for a real player or going to be allowed to spend real dollars on a real free agent then we are doomed to another 25 years of mediocre teams that tease us with talent but never get past the second round of the playoffs.

Fuck you media idiots. The only interesting thing about the All-Star Weekend is the fantasy draft tonight, but the regular media can only find one story to talk about: who's going to be picked last? That might matter if it was a draft for every team in the league, but this is the All-Star game. Do you really think David Backes is going to take a lot of shit from his teammates if he gets picked last? You know what they call the guy who graduates last in his medical school class? Doctor.

Fuck you, everyone who doesn't agree with me. Can't we just make a rule that my opinion matters more than everyone else's? Who do I see about this? Is there a form to fill out or something?


Put your rants in the comments. Trust me, you'll feel better.

(That angry enough, Zger?)