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Wednesday Links: Technoviking and Tarasenko edition

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Morning Links will make better people out of all of us.

Then again, I'm biased.

Blues News:

  • TECHNOVIKING! and The Search for Consistency, featuring Patrik Berglund. [Post-Dispatch]
  • Tarasenko goes for Junior gold against the dastardly Canadian squad. [Blues]

Hockey News:

  • Enforcers, although slow and dangerous behind the wheel, can still serve a purpose. One humble blogger submits their candidacy as good clubhouse guys. I'll buy that based on what I've seen out of Cam. [The Score]
  • It's easy to read how it works on paper, but the execution of a gameplan that spreads the defense is anything but simple. [Puck Daddy]
  • TSN will broadcast the All-Star fantasy draft. None of us have Canadian cable but I imagine there'll be a feed somewhere on the internets. [TSN]
  • If the Blues weren't able to acquire the services of Marek Svatos, maybe Kyle Wellwood is the answer. Dear sweet Jesus, I hope not. [Puck Daddy]
  • Banner day for the Bolts: New guy Roloson shuts out the Caps. [TSN]
  • And Tampa signed Marc-Andre Bergeron, too. [Raw Charge]
  • Down Goes Brown looks at the teams north of the border. [DGB]

Other Stuff:

  • UWWildthing with a game that I still don't quite understand fully, but it's still addicting. [Favimon]
  • Wade Boggs didn't drink all that beer, apparently. [Total Pro Sports]
  • 10 bucks says that this guy saw the Tomacco episode of the Simpsons and was just trying to expand upon Homer's idea. [AZ Central]
  • A guide to emotions brought to you by that guy from whatever that show was on the WB in the 90's. Girls probably know it. [Jamesvandermemes]


GTPD submits one of the most ass backwards productions ever. It's just so damn bad you can't look away.

And it's OK if you remember this when it came out.

Keep an eye out for a piece on the Power Play Dance later this morning.

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