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Friday Links: The "That Was Very Unfortunate" edition.

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Mandi Schwartz, sister to Blues' prospect Jaden Schwartz, is experiencing more setbacks in her battle with leukemia. I know I've been following Mandi's story since the draft, and with the latest story,  I think PCS said it best, "FUCK." .[Daily News]

Blues News:

  • Alexander Steen and his thoughts on last nights game. [The Hockey News]
  • I, for one, had complete confidence that the Leafs would completely collapse.Cue the Team Canada analogies. [CBC]
  • The Pension Plan Puppets' rebuttle to gallagher's comment of the Leafs fans booing Steen, Boyes, Colaiacovo. [PPP]

  • A little bit of this, a little bit of that. A few snippets from the Blues this week.[Post Dispatch]
  • Another game tomorrow. At home. Hey, can we make T-shirts with the word "JUMP" in big, bold block letters?

NHL News:

  • I hate curling. I'm not sure why. Perhaps because it was one of the dates on "The Bachelorette," Or, Olympic Hockey was always delayed because CURLING took precedence. Maybe it's because a 6 year old kid beat me in a curling video game. At any rate I hate curling. Here are the Red Wings. Curling. All kinds of hate. [Puck Daddy]
  • Martin Brodeur A-OK with not being the losing goalie. [NJ]

  • Jamie Langenbrunner predicts his own trade. [NHL]
  • "The Sabre spent his pre-super hero life as a scientist specializing in hydro-engineering." Wonderful. Why do I have a feeling that Blues Man will be a very large arch wearing ridiculous sunglasses? Here are all of the guardian project people things that are currently released. [NHL]
  •  Without HBO, I can't have an opinion on this topic, but Pens Universe waxes poetic about HBO's 24/7. [Pens Universe]

  • Josh Gorges will undergo season-ending surgery. [NHL]

  • Sidney Crosby concussed, out for a week. If only it were the same for others . . . [NHL]
  • Lightning Assign D Marc-Andre Bergeron To Norfolk, Virginia [Lightning]

Other Stuff:

  • Speaking of Virginia. 4NA-KATE. Just one of the several vanity license plates that will never be made. Also, the Commonwealth is taking back a license plate advocating cannibalism, among other things. 


  • A Batman hoodie, I prefer the Taunaun sleeping bag, but it's still bad ass. [The Daily What],[ThinkGeek]
  • A Rex Ryan foot fetish parody? Featuring an Oakland Athletics pitcher? Yes and please.[Big League Stew]


There was some Cricket talk on the game thread last night. So, I have for you a moment from a celebrity Cricket match. Hugh Jackman's having a rough time.

I still hate curling.

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