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We Have A Winner.

The specs that launched a thousand jokes.
The specs that launched a thousand jokes.

After much deliberation, not the least of which is what picture or slogan would best fit onto the one page, I have selected a winner for today's contest.

But first, thanks to everyone who contributed. Many of your jokes will appear in the issue, as will the pictures. Because of this, once the game starts tomorrow, the issue will be made available to people who would like to see it. Look for information on how to obtain a PDF version in Saturday's GDT.

And now, on to the winner....


User Beer Good please claim your prize! You have won my two tickets to the game against the Rangers and a free copy of the GT paper featuring your winning entry (slightly modified for the Jumbotron sign) of "Avery, Nice glasses. They come in Men's?"

I'll be contacting you via your profile email address later tonight with the information.

Thanks to everyone who helped out - I hope you all had fun.