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Saturday Links: The not quite midseason game but close enough edition

Sean Avery likes girls?!? Bahahaha. Inconceivable!
Sean Avery likes girls?!? Bahahaha. Inconceivable!


I guess I should take down my Christmas trees and other wintery decorations now that we're well into January.


Blues News:

  • Blues' midseason MVP discussion. [Post Dispatch]

  • Preview of tonight's game. 7 pm start time. [CBSSports]

  • T.J. Hensick gets called up for tonight's game. Adam Cracknell is sent down. [Post Dispatch]

  • A recap of the Rangers game last night - just to see where they are and where the Blues need to be. [ESPN]

NHL News:

  • Down Goes Brown takes you into an FAQ session with Gary Bettman. It's even funnier because it could be true. [DGB]

  • HBO 24/7 for the playoffs? But only if the Caps play the Penguins every round, if Bettman had his way. [The Hockey News]
  • The halfway mark by the numbers. Well, what do you know, the Oilers aren't good. [NHL]

  • Jamie Langenbrunner predicted a trade was inevitable [see yesterday's links], talks about going back to Dallas. [ESPN]

  • These guys take a crack at compiling the complete list of All-Stars for Raleigh. Hey, look! They pick David Backes. [The Hockey Writers]

  • Not nice, Ben Eager, not nice. [Puck Daddy]

Other Stuff:

  • VIkings didn't wear helmets with horns? Say it ain't so! [Wikipedia]
  • Behind the scenes of Ted Williams' Kraft Voice over commercial. [YouTube]


A happy follow-up. Here is Ted Williams' final cut of his first voice over commercial.  I love his voice. I love mac & cheese. I'm hungry.


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