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Sunday Links: The I'm really hungry edition

Last nights game was difficult to watch. Maybe it was the shitty PP, or the breakaway chances that produced nothing. How about that officiating? To me, the Blues just lacked their spark, and were, dare I say it, boring. Bring back the spark, damnit!

Blues News:

  • Arghhhhh. Recap of last night's game. [Post Dispatch]

  • The New York Times chimes in about last nights game. Plus, they summarize the rest of the games from last night. [NYT]

  • Coach Payne reflects on being coach for a full year now. [TSN]

  • Peoria coach Jared Bednar will be one of the coaches for the AHL All-Star Classic. [Blues]

  • Nobody calls one of ours gutless. Especially the Oklahoma City Barons. That's ok, the Riverman had the last laugh, and goal. [pjstar]

NHL News:

  • The Red Wings want Kostopoulos to be punished for his jaw breaking hit. [The Hockey News]

  • All Star coaches announced. Spoiler alert Vancouver's Alain Vigneault and Philadelphia's Peter Laviolette get the nod. [CBC]

  • Top 10 Plays of the First Half. Goalies are crazy. They flail about so much with pucks flying at them. I could never do that. [NHL]

  • Sidney Crosby talks about concussions. Better get a strong cup of coffee - it's in interview form. [Puck Daddy]

  • Fuck, yeah! USA U18 Women's team beats Canada's in Final! [USA Hockey]

  • I like this. I'm a sucker for logos, and the Whale Bowl 2011 logo is badass. Plus, it's a two week outdoor extravaganza. Complete with legends game, AHL game with several other events planned. Tip of the imaginary hat to TomorrowsBlues. [CT Whale]

Other Stuff:

I was searching around the NHL shop yesterday and found a few interesting items.

  • Sean Avery probably had a hand in making these jeans. []

  • A St. Louis Blues Team Logo Cutting Board? I think it's kind of cool. Odd. But cool. []

  • I just don't know what this is. I just don't understand. []

  • Also, the official, original web site for Space Jam from way back when. Remember how cutting edge this website was? [Space Jam]


This Rex Ryan speech always pumps me up no matter what - from getting ready to go to the gym to hitting that $6 All You Can Eat lunch buffet. After hearing this, I'm ready to do anything. I also have it transcribed so you can take it on the go, if you so desire. Without further ado, "let's go eat a goddamn snack!"


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