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Saturday Links: WAKE UP! September's Over! Smell the BaCon Air! Edition

Yep, your request to be woken up when September ends was noted. Well, here it is! October!

Blues News:

Hockey News:

  • "The Vancouver Canucks say losing Game 7 of last season’s Stanley Cup final to the Boston Bruins taught them some valuable lessons that will help them this season." [The Washington Post]
  • Looking back on the Toronto Maple Leafs' 2000 Draft. Hope you like trainwrecks. [PPP]
  • Building up Detroit as "THE TEAM of the Western Conference" irks me more than I can legally put into words. [Puck Daddy]
  • Bruce Boudreau didn't meet me for Haagen Dazs, so clearly he and the Capitals are not ready to make a run for the Stanley Cup. But everyone else thinks it's "their time." Whatever. [The Hockey News]
  • Grand Larssony - stealing a spot on the team. (Read: Rookie Adam Larsson makes the Devil's team.) [Fire & Ice]
  • The Panthers haven't had the best preseason which is not the end of the world. The end of the world is my aunt telling she had tickets to a Panthers game but figured no one would ever want to go. My aunt doesn't know basketball from hockey. [Litter Box Cats]

Other Stuff:

  • Theme food trucks. "BA-CON Air" is just one of the fantastic puns. [Film Drunk]
  • The 100 Greatest Songs of the '00s will help eat up time between now and next week. Especially since the list starts with "Thong Song." [VH1 Blog]
  • Hockey logos made out of food. Just put toasted ravioli on a plate in front of me. [Foogos]


For Rocco:

I'm an asshole. Whatever.

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