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Thursday Links: No More Season Sweeps Edition

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Jason Arnott and his face-shield scoring streak ride into Dallas tonight.
Jason Arnott and his face-shield scoring streak ride into Dallas tonight.

Blues News

  • Dallas, who swept the Blues in the season series last season, is looking to continue their dominance. However, they don't have anybody on that team that I know aside from Mike Ribeiro, so... [Blues]
  • Hulsizer may have bought the team. I don't know what to believe this time around. [KMOV]

NHL/Hockey News

  • Chris Kunitz is extended in Pittsburgh for two more seasons. [NHL]
  • The BJs are off to their worst start in franchise history and for any team to begin this season. [NBC Sports]
  • A pair of Ryans, Strome and Murphy, are returned to their junior clubs. [NHL]
  • Brandon Saad, a breakthrough player for the Hawks in the preseason, is going back to the OHL, too. [Chicago Sun-Times]
  • More Don Cherry bullshit. [Globe and Mail]
  • The Eagles and the Phillies are blowing/blew it. The Flyers are giving the city of Philadelphia to cheer. [SF Chronicle]
  • Crosby is cleared for practice. Woo or something. [NHL]
  • Rexall Place, the oldest rink in the NHL, can't be used forever, but many factors are preventing the Oilers from finding a new home. [Vancouver Sun]
  • Dallas fixed their cap floor situation by trading for overpriced Wild underachiever Eric Nystrom. [Minneapolis Star-Tribune]
  • Stefan Legein was acquired from the Flyers by the Kings in another trade yesterday. L.A. surrenders a sixth-round pick. A good, low-risk trade here. [NHL]
  • The Islanders' Mets-like third jersey has leaked once again and it's still ugly. [icethetics]
  • PD discusses whether or not Alex Ovechkin's offensive touch has peaked in an interesting read. [Puck Daddy]

Other Stuff

  • The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the Rally Squirrel has lawyered up in this obvious joke article. Everybody's jumping in on this thing. [WSJ]
  • Mario + Portal = Awesome. Yes, this will be playable in the future and not just a video. [IGN]
  • If you're at this Vancouver bar, you're not allowed to pee standing up. [Vancouver Sun]

Thursday Links

Brett Hull just joined Twitter, but he knocked it a year ago. Lolz.

gametimelinks AT gmail DOT com