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Friday Links: Rule 76 No Excuses, Play Like a Champion Open Thread Edition


The Internet blackout in this area is unbelievable. All I have is my iPhone, but I keep getting kicked back to the "Download the App, NOW!" page. What nonsense.

It's okay! This is a perfect team building time! It will also be like a treasure hunt. 

Someone find and submit:

  • A video of Chris Stewart's fight
  • What's become of Aaron Asham and Jay Beagle
  • A Sidney Crosby update (kidding, we all know the latest news)
  • Around the league scores
  • A heartwarming story of an older guy in the NHL
  • A funny story of a young gun
  • An offensive, yet funny YouTube video
  • An article that makes me say "What . . . the . . . what?!?"
  • Maybe a Rick Roll or Two.