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We're Still Doing Home Openers? Blues at Kings GDT

It's been 10 days since the Blues started the season, so of course it's still time for teams to be playing their first games at home.

The LA Kings are hosting the Blues tonight in their first game at the Staples Center. There's going to be a lot of pregame hype, so hopefully the Kings get too uptight and play a stinker.

The blues are coming off a loss to the Ducks and have a lot of questions surrounding them. Noted internet troll Joe Strauss compared the 2-3 Blues to the 0-5 Rams because that's totally the same thing. Still, the Blues haven't had a good start to the year.

Jaroslav Halak gets the start tonight and hopefully good Jaro shows up. Jaro has been getting dumped on a lot as of late. We've all seen him play better, and tonight would be a good start.

Another thing to watch tonight is the special teams. The power play stinks and the penalty kill does, too. You can really only have one bad one, two is deal breaker. Davis Payne said the Blues were going to work on the special teams, and while there sin't much you can do in one day, it would be nice to see some progress.

I don't have the lines in front of me, but I know this: Alexander Steen is riding high on the top line and I say, no shit. He's the best player right now and deserves big minutes. Evgeny Grachev looks like he's playing with Scott Nichol and Chris Porter. I gotta say, as far as fourth lines go, that one doesn't suck. I'd like to see Geno get some better lineys, but he could do worse than Nichol and Porter.

Anyway, none of you all read this far, so I'll shut up.

This is the GDT. Comment like you don't have to go to bed.