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Let's Hope You Didn't Stay Up Late for This: Blues Blown Out By Kings

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I find it pretty sad that in 60 minutes of hockey, my biggest highlight was seeing Jon Hamm at the game wearing a new hat of lies.

Yes friends, it was that kind of game. The Blues sucked for 60 minutes and lost yet another on this season-opening road trip. After six games, the Blues are 2-4—a far cry from last season, no?

The funny ting about games like this, is that there simply isn't much to say. If you saw it, you know how bad it was. If you went to bed, well consider yourself lucky.

The Blues played like poo for the entire contest. Goaltending was weak, the defense was weak, the power play was impotent and the PK allowed another goal. To be crass, it was a shit show and the only happiness was seeing Jon Hamm being our token celebrity fan.

Since you're expecting it, here are the Gallagher Mandated Post Game Bullet Points (TM)


  • I mentioned this in the GDT, but it bears repeating: Jaroslav Halak is worse than Chris Mason. Mason's last season in St. Louis he put up a 2.53 GAA with a .913 save percentage. In 166 games, Halak has career numbers of 2.58 and .915. Mason lost his chance to be a starter in the NHL with those numbers. How long before the same happens to Jaro?
  • I don't think Brian Elliott is the answer either, but I'd be willing to bet he gets a few more starts in the next few games.
  • Alex Steen was moved to the first line, but Jamie Langenbrunner was still there. Langenbrunner has no goals this season and Backes has an empty netter. Can we stop calling it the top line? 
  • Speaking of lines, Evgeny Grachev is a playmaker, not grinder. Stop pairing him with Scott Nichol and Ryan Reaves. Also, stop playing Ryan Reaves. Chris Porter doesn't do a lot well, but he also doesn't do a lot poorly—Porter could help with the PK.
  • LA fans are really quiet. It's odd. 
Well that's all I have. Any thoughts you'd like to share, leave 'em down below.