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Tuesday Links: Actual Links Edition

I told Flick I'd cover, and then late Sunday Night, I started chugging a bunch of syrup and got in a fight with the local cops. This probably means I'll be back on dispatch for a while.

In summary: That's a big time "my bad" about yesterday's lack of linkage.

Blues News:

  • David Backes, as expected of current Blues captain David Backes, is likely to play in Wednesday's game. [Post-Dispatch]
  • Brian Elliott, who once suffered the trials and tribulations of playing for the Senators franchise, has to be the Blues' go-to guy for the time being. I firmly believe Jaro will right things in the long run, however. [P-D]
  • Vladimir Sobotka, all 183 pounds of him, will be getting a shot along side Backes and Stewart. Sobewartackes? Sobackesewart? Needs polishing as far as line name amalgamations go, but it's a start. [P-D]

Hockey News:

  • OUTRAGE! Pronger suffers a horrible injustice after taking a stick to the face. Hopefully, karma will give get back whoever did this to such a shining example of gentlemanly play and non-douchebaggery in a time of non-sensical Sean Avery, Steve Ott, and Matt Cooke sightings. The weirdest part will be seeing Pronger in a visor upon his return. Remember when Al had to don the visor? [Puck Daddy]
  • RNH isn't sure if he should pack his bags for juniors or not. He's also probably not sure how to juggle the new life of NHL celebrity status for a franchise looking to turn it around. With all the potential for women, booze, and the occasional golf outing, let's hope he handles it better than Erik Johnson. Life must be difficult for the #1 overall pick. [TSN]
  • David Booth went from Florida to Vancouver. If he plays to his potential, the Western Conference got a bit better. [Puck Daddy]
  • I think I remember reading about this (and quite possibly from a prior set of links), but if not, LuvHockey has the low down on the TV deal out there in Marcus E Pettersson and Fan From Europe territory. [Marketwatch]
  • Three games were played last night. Scores. [TSN]
  • Tonight's slate. [TSN]

Other Stuff:

  • If you're coming up short on creative pumpkin ideas... [Ego TV]
  • Or if you not sure which horrible YoMamaWeen costume to go with. [Gunaxin]
  • First to throw up the link for those who don't get the "YoMamaWeen" reference gets...absolutely nothing other than internet kudos.


CozmcPhish sends this one in.

"Silly bitch, you're puny fists can not harm me! Don't you know who the fuck I am?!?"

I'm out like disco.

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