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Wednesday Links: Turning Strauss Shots Into Car Bombs Edition

I haven't seen these guys in what feels like forever.
I haven't seen these guys in what feels like forever.

Ignore the title. Just documenting some late night trade action on the Link Rat floor.

Blues News:

  • I've been jonesing for a game. Good thing there is one tonight. at 9. [Post Dispatch]
  • There is room for improvement in their play, but the Blues have looked better in the last two games. [Post Dispatch]

  • It's pretty ironic to learn what it means to be a Real American from the great and terrible enemy that is Canada. [Nucks Misconduct]

Hockey News:

  • Stats on the Av's first 8 games. Guess who leads the team in giveaways. Also, spend the rest of the morning reading the thread of comments. It's a clusterfuck of hilarity. There are fewer links because of it. [Mile High Hockey]
  • If Chara can find a onesie, ALL of you can find a onesie. It's almost necessary for life. [Puck Daddy]
  • CarBomb made a twitter joke. Duckhunting is where it is at. [ProHockeyTalk]
  • Any article that says Steve Mason "is a massive sieve" is a good article by me. Also, let's see how we can get Zach Parise under our control. [In Lou We Trust]
  • Merry Wizmas everyone! CBJ beat Detroit! [The Cannon]


Other Stuff:

  • We love our bingo over at SLGT, and it's not because we're all 80. I'll be using this card on Halloween, and not wearing any of these costumes. [CollegeHumor]
  • This is my kind of school. For the record, I'm only linking BACON links people send to me. I'm not looking for them. [Pop Hangover]
  • Awesome thing #993 - fat baseball players. [1000 Awesome Things]


TB sent in the video saying "I still think it sucks that Giant-Man and the Wasp aren't in it, but Scarlett Johansen in a leather jumpsuit makes up for it, I guess." I just want to know how Thor got off of his home planet and did the "X-Files" camera technique make it into this film.

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