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Let's Riot: Blues vs. Canadian Whales GDT

Oh left coast games, how I loathe you.

The Blues travel to Vancouver. In between dodging glass shards from the riots (timely!), the Blues will take the ice against the Canucks for a late game. If you can stay up, it should be a good one.

This GDT is pretty much being thrown together at the last minute, so don't expect much analysis. It's late, I'm pretty tired and well, none of you read this stuff anyway. So let me go on a little rant.

How come two of the six (RIP Thrashers) seven Canadian teams named after Canada? Everyone makes fun of the Houston Texans, but the Vancouver Canucks and Montreal Canadiens are way worse. Another team, the Maple Leafs, are named after the flag. The Jets, Oilers, Flames and Senators are fine names. Why can't Canada be more creative.

/rant over

Anyway, let's talk about the game. Tonight is the battle of backup goalies who maybe aren't really backup. Roberto Luongo is an awesome goalie, but he's struggling. In his place will be Cory Schneider. Schneider is a highly-touted prospect looking to pull a Lou Gehrig over Lou's Wally Pipp.

In net for the Blues will, again, be Brian Elliott. The guy signed as a potential starter in Peoria is in the process of stealing Jaroslav Halak's job. If Elliott keeps winning, he'll keep getting starts.

This is your Game Day Thread. Put on some coffee, stay up late and watch some pucks.

Let's do this.