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Saturday Links: Good day to break an ownership story edition

I'm fully aware the Blues played last night, but when you have an opportunity to see a Game 7 in person, hockey can go by the wayside for one day.

I'll now leave myself vulnerable for any tomatoes you'd like to hurl at me.

Blues News:

  • The three game win streak comes to an end. [P-D]
  • One step closer to a new owner? Good lord, I certainly hope so. Hulsizer and the Blues have reportedly signed a purchase agreement, which I'm assuming is some sort of important ownership transfer shit. [P-D]

NHL News:

  • The basketball fans have to go somewhere, right? Why not the NHL? [Down Goes Brown]
  • The Blues might have lost, but the OT winner against Carolina DID make this week's Hockey Hugs. Which is nice. [Puck Daddy]
  • The visor debate continues with this piece: Suppose the added protection makes players more aggressive. Then what? [The Hockey Writers]
  • This might get me some flak, but reading about Kerry Fraser's tales and e-mail Q&A as a ref are pretty damn entertaining. [TSN]
  • When blaming the Nashville Predators for whatever we're blaming them for, "Cal O'Reilly" is no longer a valid reason, as he's been dealt to Phoenix. [Five For Howling]

Other Stuff:

  • Tebowing: It's actually a thing now. []
  • Genius? Stupid? Hell, why not both? [TheChive]
  • Just in time for Yomommaween, it's creepy video game glitches. [Cracked]


Childhood Trauma has your video action for today: "If only all school bands in the 70's did this"

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