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Monday Links: Fingers Crossed for No Golf Injuries Edition

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This one time, I went golfing and now I play for a shitty team.
This one time, I went golfing and now I play for a shitty team.

The 14 Fund Charity Golf event is today. Please, nobody... NOBODY... get hurt.

Blues News

  • Season preview from Didn't they just say this exact same shit in the 30-in-30? [NHL]
  • NBC picks the Blues to sneak into the playoffs. [NBC Sports]
  • With Crombeen going down, Reaves got the chance to stay on the NHL roster and he wishes to build upon his surprising performance at the end of last season. [P-D]

NHL/Hockey News

  • Sidney Crosby will miss the Penguins' opening game. Oh, darn. [NHL]
  • Barry Melrose is now also at with a new, weekly segment every Monday. Today, he talks about teams with the most on the line this season. [NHL]
  • Teemu Selanne will be a rock star as the Ducks take the ice in Finland this week. [NBC Sports]
  • Clarke MacArthur of the Leafs referred to the new NHL as the "No Hit League." This instance is also the first time I've heard anyone make a joke about the NHL with its letters. Also, you're a pussy, Clarke. Think before you hit. Iiiiit's... not that hard. [The Chronicle Herald]
  • I'm not going to make a stupid pun here: Brendan Saad is probably going to be on the Blackhawks' roster to open the season. [Post-Gazette]
  • Jochen Hecht and the Sabres played his hometown team in Germany for an exhibition game and he was forced to sit out with post-concussion symptoms. Bummer. [Sporting News]
  • If you have AT&T U-verse, you're not going to have NHL Network anymore. Ffffff... [Reuters]
  • Teams that stumble out of the blocks during the opening months of the season have it rough, Wysh writes. [Puck Daddy]

Other Stuff

  • It's the motherfucking '90s. [Vimeo]
  • Nicholas Cage is immortal... because he's a vampire. [Metro UK]
  • Arrested Development will be returning to TV to lead into the movie. [LA Times]

Monday Video

We're going to do a series of videos to lead into the season this Saturday, thanks to TheDuke32. Part 1 of Mr. T's "Be Somebody Or Be Somebody's Fool."

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