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And now, a brief commercial break: Get Your Game Time Subscriptions!

We know one guy who likes our paper. Why wouldn't you?
We know one guy who likes our paper. Why wouldn't you?

According to the counter over on the left side of this page, the Blues' first game that matters is in five days and a few hours. While that's as exciting a widget as we've ever had here, it's also a constant reminder to me that I have work to do. Our first issue of Volume 7 of our game-day paper is due in five days and a few less hours.

For a growing number of fans who go to a lot of the Blues' home games, picking up a copy of Game Time before they go into the rink is a big part of their game day ritual. We provide a "fan's program" for each game that tries to tell things the way we see it, crack a few jokes, drop a little knowledge and, in the end, give you something to read and laugh at during intermissions and your post-game purge-the-nachos restroom visits.

But what about the vast majority of Blues fans who don't get to go to every game or live out of town and don't get to go at all? Well, have I got a deal for you. We email out PDF versions of the Game Time paper before every home game. These are the same exact paper as is printed and sold at the games, so you can read them on your electronic devices or you can fire up a hard copy off your home printer.

The cost is just $2/issue or $82 for the season (Sorry, no individual game orders - it's a package deal). The other advantage you get is that when the Blues get into the playoffs, anyone who has subscribed for the whole season will get those issues for free.

If you haven't seen one of our papers before, you can download one of last year's issues here: Game Time - 12.28.10 Chicago. We think you'll agree that there isn't anything like it out there: 28 pages of editorials, stats, match-ups, trivia, jokes, history, a fight card, fantasy hockey information, bingo and did we mention jokes?

I could go on and on, but check it out for yourself. If you have questions, contact me at If I've already done enough to make you want more, simply fire off the $82 via Paypal to and note the email address where you want the issues to be sent. If you have to pay another way, simply email me and we can work it out.

Need more proof this is money well spent? Check out these testimonials:

"You and your stupid hobby. I hate Game Time." ~ Liz, my wife

"I told you before and I'm not telling you again, you move your little paper vendor thing off my corner, or you're all going down to the lockup." ~ Random St. Louis City Police Officer

"My dad says there are too many swear words and dirty jokes and I'm not allowed to read anything in his paper." ~ my son

"Game Time sucks!" ~ Random dude who yells at me from his moving car every time he sees me

"You guys sure print on nice paper." ~ Former Post-Dispatch Editor

If you want to hear more about it, I'm sure some of our readers would be happy to tell you about it in the comments. Who knows, maybe even the Game Time sucks! guy will show up.