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Tuesday Links: Consistently Crazy in Montreal Edition

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Blues News

  • Who likes consistency? D'Ags. [P-D]
  • The Blues decent record of 5-3 in the pre-season might translate to success in the regular season, writes some guy. [Yahoo! Sports]
  • But fuck the pre-season. Real hockey, please. [P-D]
  • Along with Erik Johnson, the Blues young pair of Pietrangelo and Shattenkirk are d-men to watch this season. [USA Today]
  • Hey dere, let's play some garf. [Blues]

NHL/Hockey News

  • The Blues signed San Jose's cast-offs, so now it's appropriate that the Sharks sign the Blues'. Brad Winchester is now a resident of Silicon Valley after a successful PTO. [KMOX]
  • We have our first illegal hit of the pre-season not met with additional discipline. Ryan Malone, who was assessed a match penalty on the play (which usually caries a suspension), will not be punished. Shanahan explains. [NHL Video]
  • Montreal, like they were with Chara, are mad at Malone and Shanny. Great headline on this article.[Montreal Gazette]
  • The Rangers got pounded by Swiss A-league team EV Zug 8-4. In their defense they were playing teams all across Europe the last week. They were bound to run out of steam. [NHL]
  • A recap of the shitty summer we endured and the amazing season that's to follow. [Chronicle Herald]
  • Sean Avery is on waivers. Thank you, John Tortorella. I always liked you. [Puck Daddy]
  • The Penguins and Capitals are putting their rivalry aside to raise money for the families of the Lokomotiv. [Puck Daddy]
  • The Bruins spent two days in Portland to relax and build team chemistry. [Boston Globe]
  • Your weekly, upbeat Jets article. [Fox]

Other Stuff

  • Bears RB Marion Barber tried a backflip. Note the word "tried." [YouTube]
  • One of Saturn's moons is basically Hoth. [World Science]
  • Hank Williams Jr., who is only known for "Are You Ready for Some Football?," made some comments about Obama, comparing him to Hitler, so he wasn't present before last night's MNF game. A comparison similar to Jr.'s is comparing Hank Williams Sr. to him. [ESPN]

Tuesday Video

Part 2 of Mr. T's "Be Somebody Or Be Somebody's Fool."

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