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Complete this SBN survey, earn money for a Blues Charity

Our evil gracious, kind and generous overlords at SBN have created a survey to try to learn more about, the loyal SBN reader. Like any survey, the goal is to learn more about what the network is doing well and what it is doing poorly and needs to improve (more swearing, please).

And while we usually bristle at 'assignments' given to us from on high, if enough of you take this survey, the Network will donate $500 to the charity of our choice. The great thing here is that it's percentage based, so while we have fewer members than the big NFL, MLB ans MMA sites, if we are one of the three highest participants in terms of percentage, then we win the money.

Take the survey, pressure your peers to take the survey and then pressure everyone else to also take the survey. If we get into the top three by Friday, we'll have a vote of the community to determine where the money goes. I'm personally leaning towards the 14 Fund, but the Blues Alumni help out with multiple charities in the region too.

So again, take the survey, tell everyone else to take it and then fire off emails and Tweets about it. Let's make GT a force for positivity for once in our shallow, sad, demented lives.

Take the survey NOW.