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That's just not good enough. Blues fall to Predators in home opener.

Perfect form, once again. Jaroslav Halak employs the 'trap it on your face method' to stop a shot Saturday night.
Perfect form, once again. Jaroslav Halak employs the 'trap it on your face method' to stop a shot Saturday night.

I have to do one of two things here. I need to start drinking and I need to start working on the paper for Monday afternoon's game (thanks, NHL Scheduling!). I don't know which one I'm going to do first, but I need to pick one and then do the other right after that.

So, what I'm saying here, basically, is this: who likes bulletpoints?


  • This Blues season rides on the shoulders of Jaroslav Halak. In Brad's epic 24 players in 24 hours posts, Halak wound up as the Number One, Most Important Guy on the team this year. Brian Elliott will not ride in from stage right and backstop this team to a Stanley Cup, Kurt Warner style. If Jaroslav Halak steps up and proves that he is a number one goalie, this team will be fine. If he has a lot of games like tonight where he allows three goals on 15 shots, two of which were crapola (the rebound and the third goal) then this team is somewhere south of fizzucked.
  • Nice to know that Kent Huskins' favorite movie is Bottle Rocket. I like that movie too, but I'm just not sure what I'm supposed to do with this information now.
  • The Blues' penalty killing system seems to be to do anything they can to gets sticks, bodies, limbs, anything they can in front of passes and shots. I'm sure the theory is to prevent anything from getting through clean, but it sure makes for some scrambly, uncontrolled moments in the defensive zone.
  • Also, that third goal tonight was classic Blues goaltender. How many rally-killing backbreaker quick answer goals do we have to endure in this town?
  • I love the T.J. Oshie, Patrik Berglund and Chris Stewart line. I think they will have some unbelieveable nights if they stay together.
  • Did you hear some bones go splodey? I have long resisted the stereotype that Carlo Colaiacovo can't stay healty. But, you know what? That dude can not stay healthy. I think the Blues are better with him in the lineup than out, but I'm glad he isn't one of our top four blueliners at this point.
  • Nikita Nikitin looked good tonight and was just a couple inches from a nice goal, but he takes a lot of chances and needs a responsible partner. If Colaicovo misses a lot of time, Nikitin fills his slot nicely and Huskins (Bottle Rocket!) is a good defensive-minded guy to have on the ice.
  • The power play needs help, yet again. Too many cutesy passes that barely missed their targets and were quickly cleared. I have an idea: we have the strong point men like the Predators do; maybe steal their system, eh?


OK, I don't know everything, so it's your turn. What did we learn tonight. Let's hear it.