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Thursday Links: Mr. Kessel's Wild Ride Edition

Blues News

  • The Maple Leafs make a rare visit to St. Louis, so if you've got nothing to do, go see 'em live while they're still good. [Blues]
  • With James Reimer out with post-concussion symptoms, Jonas Gustavsson is in goal for Toronto and he's not good. The Blues need to take advantage. [P-D]
  • The Sun talks 'Cock. [Vancouver Sun]
  • John Scott is a blubbering vagina: "[Reaves] fought Carcillo and he's about 60 pounds heavier than Carcillo. If he wants to fight somebody, he should fight someone in his weight class, and that's me," Scott said. "He's always been scared of me." [Chicago Sun-Times]

NHL/Hockey News

  • Here's the big story from yesterday, the Philly trap protest. I thought it was super funny, but at the same time, it's bad that this occurred on national television. [Puck Daddy]
  • The other scores. [NHL]
  • ESPN talks about the NBA lockout benefiting the NHL. Insider required, so you know what to do. [ESPN]
  • AMRKA. The lack of Backes here is lame. [Yahoo! Sports]
  • Thanks to the new Rule 48, referees can leave head-shot discipline to the league and not necessarily be pressured into assessing a 5-minute major if they are unsure if the head was the main point of contact. [New York Times]
  • Youth abound in the NHL. [NECN]
  • Former Stars break-out goalie Mike Smith is having a bounce-back year with the Coyotes after not doing much in Tampa. [NHL]
  • Nashville and Anaheim is your latest, out-of-division rivalry and it's heating up. [Puck Daddy]

Other Stuff

  • The Douchiest Colleges in America. [GQ]
  • A cause I can get behind: The Muppets hosting the Oscars. [Facebook]
  • Is Kim Kardashian an idiot? Cracked debates. [Cracked]

Thursday Video

Greatest video game I've ever seen. Anything with text-to-speech chat is amazing.

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