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Friday Links: What's Happenin'? Edition

New coach, a PPG, a win, a SO loss, a trade. That's what's happening. It's been a hell of a week.

Blues News:

Hockey News:

  • Georges Laraque wants blood testing for a stricter drug policy in the NHL. [CBC]
  • Dallas holds the best team in the NHL, but they have as many people in the stands as a Florida baseball team. Solemn oath: I will see a Stars game live this seaseon. [Grantland]
  • Versteeg raps while recording a hat trick. Just kidding, maybe, you know he did. [CBS]
  • It's a TRAP! If the Lightning try that again tomorrow, Hitchcock will just stomp his foot and they'll all fall down. Also, another Philly reaction.[Phillyburbs]
  • All-Star fan ballot released. I'll save you the time. Halak [seriously?], Peter-angel, and Backes. [NHL]
  • More concussion talk - focused on Marc Staal. [NY Times]
  • Seguin could be the one. Aw. He's like 3. [Boston]


Yeah, I'm going to see this, but I've also see The Tooth Fairy, and Score: A Hockey Musical is on my queue. So take this with as you want.

Oh shit, I'm flying to Virginia today to run in a Half Marathon tomorrow. If something thing happens, tomorrow the Blues play the Lightning and check out Raw Charge for your game day needs.

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