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Eric Brewer's Return Party: Lightning at Blues GDT

Eric Brewer is back in the house, friends. I for one hope he gets a long, loud and triumphant welcome back to the place he used to call home. It's not everyday a former captain comes back.

The Blues are already doing its part to welcome back the robot. For years Brewer wore the No. 4 in St. Louis. Yesterday the Blues gave that number to newcomer Kris Russell.

Along with Brewer, Blues fans will get a chance to watch the exciting brand of Tampa Bay hockey. Earlier this week the Lightning showed off a passive 1-3-1 defense—some are calling it a 0-1-3-1 since the Lightning make no effort to enter the opposition zone. The Flyers decided to pout and not play hockey and there were a lot of moments standing still. It was riveting hockey.

Tonight is Game 3 for Ken HItchcock. After his first non-win, there will be changes in the lineup. Poor Ian Cole, who is pretty damn good, sits in favor of Hitch's guy Russell. Goalie Jaroslav Halak will also be sitting in favor of Billy Brian Elliott. It will be interesting to see how Elliott plays in front of the new guy.

Some things to watch tonight, bullet style:

  • The power play has two goals in two games. Can it make it three?
  • The penalty kill has been shitty for the Blues. Will that change?
  • Steven Stamkos. Enjoy watching young Brett Hull.
  • Steve Yzermen. Wanna get drunk? Drink every time he get mentioned. Finish your drink and don't stop drinking if they show the Jon Casey clip.

This is your GDT. Comment like it's Saturday night.