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Tuesday Links: Bishop Drinks Bud Light Platinum Like a Bad Boy Edition

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For the first time this season, say it loud... say it proud... "Red Wings suck!"

Blues News

  • Detroit actually sucked for a while earlier this month, but now they don't suck as much. Who am I kidding? They suck hard all the time. [Blues]
  • This week is tough, holmes. [SBN STL]
  • Ben Bishop to the AHL: "Hold my diiiiiick." [PJS]

NHL/Hockey News

  • Ryan Miller got a concussion after Milan Lucic ran into him. Shanny don't give a fuck. No suspension for Lucic. [USA Today]
  • The 1-3-1 forecheck will actually be discussed at the GM meetings today. Really? [NHL]
  • Speaking of Lucic and GM meetings, goalie safety will be discussed. [The Star]
  • Gary Bettman pats the NHL's ass on a job well done. [SportsNet]
  • Fight of the year thus far featuring Norfolk and WBS of the AHL. [Pensblog]
  • The Flyers are the bad boys again, but coach Peter Laviolette doesn't like the label. [The Mercury]
  • Winnipeg exploded and snapped one of their signature losing streaks with a 5-2 win over Tampa Bay last night. [NHL]
  • The Stars continue to surprise. [WFAA]

Other Stuff

  • Why the hell are you going bowling? [Cracked]
  • It's not quite Bud Light, but it's not quite Budweiser. It's Bud Light Platinum! [LA Times]
  • "Ghoti" = "Fish." [Stoopid Funny]

Tuesday Video

In honor of Ben Bishop.

He put da Rivamen on he back doe.

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