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Saturday Links: More to Come Edition

Blues at Wild tonight. Be there or be not in Minnesota.

Blues News:

  • My first instinct is to link this article every day for a week. Perron cleared for contact. Hmm, that's a pretty awesome instinct. [Blues]
  • As stated before, there is a game tonight in Minnesota. Starts at 7. [Post Dispatch]
  • They may be the enemy, but they do link some stuff for the Blues on their game day links.[Hockey Wilderness]

Hockey News:

  • The agenda for the GM meeting. [Down Goes Brown]
  • How not to score an empty netter. That takes some serious conentration. [Backhand Shelf]
  • Stars have a new owner. [CBC]
  • Honey Badgers. [Puck Daddy]
  • Will the NHL return to Hartford? Um. I hope not. [THN]
  • BREAKING NEWS: Wayne Gretzky does not have $1.7 billion dollars. Also, he doesn't want to buy the Maple Leafs. [Puck Daddy]

The stuff posted this morning:

Okay, so my roommate is super drunk, and her finger has been bleeding for way too many hours to be good, I've got damage control and an early morning Saturday commitment. Real shit to be added in at noon. Until then, a classic Whodunit for those of you ready for a challenge.

Did you see Calgary put a 5-2 score up against the 'Hawks. I saw C. Crawford in person - I don't think he can do it, so move over Blackhawks, there's a more awesome team in the Central Time Zone, and it's the Blues. Deal with it.

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