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Blues at What Used To Be North Stars GDT

Interesting times up there in Minnesota, the self proclaimed "State of Hockey."

When the Wild were a boring, hard to watch, mostly mediocre hockey team, the residents of Minneapolis and St. Paul couldn't get enough. People flocked to the Excel Energy center to see defensive hockey with less scoring than on our prom night. And now that

Minnesota is winning, they're not selling out. How strange. The Wild are drawing an average of just more than 16,900 fans a game. That's almost 94 percent of capacity. The Wild used to talk about a long sellout streak. Now our friends at Hockey Wildnerness asked fans to "Occupy the X."

The Vikings are terrible, the Twins were losers this year, there is no NBA, the Lynx are done, and the Swarm haven't started. So I ask you, where the hell are you? The orchestra?While I'm wont to enjoy a nice concerto now and again, they make a good point. The Vikings suck and there's no NBA right now. What's odd is that the Wild lead the Northwest Division with 25 points -- the second highest point total in the Western Conference.

The Blues are still riding high here in the early days of the Ken Hitchcock era. The power play is better. The team is skating well. Injuries could still be an issue, but goaltending has been better than of late. I don't have anything to bitch about. It will be interesting to see how the Blues react to the Wild trying to control the pace of play.

This is your game day thread. Comment like a sellout depends on it.