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Epic Dec - Blues Fan Trip To Nashville in December in Planning Stages

Happy Meal tells Pekka Rinne . . . "FUCK YO GLOVE SIDE!"
Happy Meal tells Pekka Rinne . . . "FUCK YO GLOVE SIDE!"

Here at St. Louis Game Time, we have several members who are not averse to traveling to road contests to see our team. Well, if you're looking for a great adventure, one is in the works. But we just need to get the planning right first. And for once, it doesn't involve celebrating the improbable World Series title just earned by my beloved St. Louis Cardinals.

On Saturday, December 17th, the Blues will square off with the Nashville Predators in the Music City. It promises to be a gritty, gutty Central Division contest involving two teams who came into the season with high hopes. And a group of Blues fans plan to embark on a voyage to Nashville for the game, including yours truly.

Herein lies the problem: I'm the head of the group (appointed as such by Weekend Links Rat, Hartigan, who apparently thinks I am capable of this . . . YOU'RE WRONG!), I've been extremely busy since the season schedule was released, I don't have tickets purchased yet, I don't have hotel accommodations arranged AND we are still open to more people being on board for the trip, if they so choose.

Basically, the only thing we've really accomplished out of this trip is a name for it, as you see above . . . "Epic Dec" (or, for you Twitter wonks . . . #EpicDec). No, we are not making t-shirts or hats for this.

Find out more by jumping, and maybe Towel Boy will jump as well.

Before tickets are purchased, we will need a good idea of how many people can FULL-ON COMMIT to going on this trip. As of right now, based on Twitter responses and the like, the head count is somewhere between 10 and 15 people thus far. But we (Read: I) need some assistance as to how to go about all this. How many tickets will we need? What hotels are good in the Nashville area, particularly close to The Gaylord (I refuse to call it Bridgestone)? Restaurants? Sights (other than the Grand Ole Opry)? And most importantly . . . WHO IS GOING?!

So here's how I'll lay it on you . . . I want to hear from you if you have one of two things to offer: 1) A full commitment to go on this trip with us, or 2) Some advice as to how to plan this thing. You can do so by sending an e-mail to me - gtdonutking AT gmail DOT com (or, you can just click that little "e-mail" icon by that thing where it says "Donut King" on the bottom of the St. Louis Game Time home page).

Tentatively, my personal plan is to attend the Thursday, December 15th home game, then drive down from St. Louis to Nashville on Friday, December 16th in a car pool that already has myself and two other people committed for the ride, stay in Nashville Friday and Saturday and drive home Sunday. However, if you want to go on this trip, you do not have to stay with all of us both days . . . if you want to come down Saturday, which several people are planning on doing, that's quite alright. Just be sure to be there Saturday night for the game and, possibly, for a bit of sight-seeing in and around Nashville on Saturday afternoon.

So yes, I'm looking for a solid head count AND some planning advice, because I have no Goddamn clue what I'm doing here, but I CAN record a head count. So I have that going for me. Which is nice.

So what do you say, Game Time? Are you ready for "Epic Dec"? Can you join us on an adventure that will possibly define your fandom for one hockey season? Can you help the helpless plan a trip to Nashville? It's all on your call.