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Sunday Links: Oh Jeez Edition

You know what was funny last night? The non stop updates on the Oilers scoring frenzy on the Blackhawks. I think I said something about Corey Crawford being "awesome" yesterday. You know what was not funny last night? The shootout.

Blues News:

#winning. Even though the Blues lost last night, the newsmen think the Blues are finishing strong. [Post Dispatch]

Hockey Wilderness has a recap for the game. [HW]

Hockey News:

So many .gifs of Leafs win of 7-1 over Caps. It's way better than a real recap. [PPP]

Specialty team woes in a Central Division team. [Puck Daddy]

BJ's get 'er done in OT [THN]

BizNasty scores goal in front of 50 friends and family, and, of course, Yolanda was there. [Puck Daddy]

The Wild are in first place . . . of ALL things. [HW]

Theo Fleury shares his difficult times. [Post Dispatch]

3 stars, get your 3 stars! [Puck Daddy]

Other Stuff:

Most common passwords always cracks me up. I should really start thinking about a new one.[PC]

I'm setting this up as a reminder to get Netflix in 2013 so I can watch Arrested Development. [THR]

Who is John Galt? A yogi. I never read Atlas Shrugged because I can't sit through a 20 minute lecture much less read an 80 page speech. [Time]

Canada's new currency will be plastic. Seriously.[LA Times]


I'm on an 80's kick. I was going to use a Bon Jovi video, but I changed my mind.


Flick will help you get over your case of the Monday's tomorrow, get here early for the best treament.

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