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Los Angeles Not Lakers @ Blues GDT

Alex Steen nose how to body check, fool.
Alex Steen nose how to body check, fool.

If any city is missing the NBA right now, it has to be Los Angeles. In case you haven't been following the news closely on ESPN, instead of hockey highlights the Worldwide Leader has kept keen tabs on the current NBA lockout situation. Seems the owners would rather not lose money by playing actual games and it's a real possibility the entire season will be lost. Pity.

I mean, I personally enjoy basketball, but much more the college variety. The style of play, the athleticism, the less reliance on sheer size -- it's a much better product. Of course if Bill Laurie had gotten a team back in the day, I'd probably be at least a casual NBA fan. I rather enjoyed Mookie Blaylock.

But think about LA. That place with all the plastic people looking to be seen. Jack Nicholson must be going batshit (well, more than normal) that he has only gotten on TV the last month during "A Few Good Men" reruns. Love that movie. Seriously, if it's on, I'll watch it. Could be the TV edit with "you're gosh darn right I did" or in standard def or whatever. Can't turn it off. Anyway, noted basketball honk Bill Simmons of ESPN decided to get Kings season tickets this year because of the NBA issues. Well that, and his Bruins won the Stanley Cup. Band wagon, party of one. I bet Anze Kopitar is pulling down some decent Hollywood tail these days without having to compete with married man Kobe Bryant.

None of this will have anything to do with the game. Quick, name the starting goaltender of the Kings. Trick question.

You're not reading this. I've given in to that fact. You've beaten any decent preview out of me. Just go ahead and start posting pictures of damn cats and running/bouncing dogs. With abandon.