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Blues @ Penguins, Happy Skanksgiving GDT

Ah, the night before Thanksgiving, when the old gang gets back together, the bars are packed and more tail is chased than possibly any other night...until New Year's Eve.

The Blues have a habit of playing on this hallowed night of imbibing, usually on the road. Which means the GDT around here is fairly vacant. And no one will be judging you if you stick around and comment. We'll just assume you're pre-partying.

Anyone know when Sidney Crosby is coming back from injury? Hope he gets better soon. Bet he gets off to a real slow start when he does come back.

And I really like how the NHL is cracking down on dangerous plays and suspending players, like that vicious Chris Stewart. I'm sure that when T.J. Oshie got cross-checked into the boards in a dangerous manner last night that the league has dealt with that appropriately. If the NHL does one thing right, it's hand out punishment to players.

That Ken Hitchcock, he sure likes Jaroslav Halak. But with back-to-back games, I'd bet E.T.'s friend Brian Elliott will see some action. And if he plays well, we might bitch some Friday when Halak is back out there.

This is your game day thread. Comment like your chances of getting lucky tonight depend on it.