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Saturday Links: Dance Little Monkey Dance Edition

Very nice. - Borat.
Very nice. - Borat.

Such a nice outing by Elliott! Now if only the Blues can somehow manage not to hang their goalies out to dry during critical moments of a game, what a goalie tandem. What a tandem.

Blues News:

  • Only four teams did not play yesterday. Out of all the players during all the games, Elliott was named the 2nd Star. [Puck Daddy]
  • Could Petro be No. 1? Fingers crossed. [BND]
  • Fairchild to Peoria. [Blues]
  • In this article, Dan O'Neill points out the Achilles' heel to all of the St. Louis steams. Hilarious. [Post Dispatch]

Hockey News:

  • The best article of the week, hands down. And for a Penguins piece - it's not about Crosby! [Pittsburgh Magazine]
  • The Russians are coming! [NY TIMES]
  • Oh look the "Thanksgiving Showdown" which did not happen on any country's Thanksgiving went to the beloved shootout. [THN]
  • Midseason weight challenges for the hockey player. [Backhand Shelf]

Other Stuff:

  • MERRY CHRISTMAS. Basketball may be back. Whatever. [NY Post]
  • Um. Sometimes the cover is more popular than the original song. It ain't no thing. [Cracked]


For some reason this "race" makes me want to watch Grease. Hmm. These boys are stupid.

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