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Blues At Jackets Of Similar Color GDT

I like Ken Hitchcock. I'm glad he didn't come to my house for Thanksgiving (and here's your personal turkey coach; hope it's big enough). He's doing something that I felt Davis Payne was failing at: rewarding good play.

The core of the Blues had their positions on this team handed to them. Sure, some have earned their spot (David Backes for example). But others have gotten their primo minutes and starting spots thanks to reputation and potential. When the players didn't earn it, they didn't fight to keep it. And then Payne got fired.

I was afraid Hitchcock would fall into that trap with Jaroslav Halak. While the Euro goalie was not as bad as his early performance, he didn't do a lot to earn the start in Hitchcock's first game. But he did, and played well. But the big fella behind the bench has done a good job of mixing the goaltenders to keep the league leader in GAA and save percentage, Brian Elliott, sharp. And now Elliott is getting his third start in a row. Because he's earned it. Don't blow it, guy with the backup-sized contract.

No Vladimir Sobotka after he stopped a puck with his mouth Friday night. He might play in Washington. He might be able to chew his dinner by Christmas.

In the Columbus net will be former Blues goaltender Curtis Sanford. Think about this tidbit. Name another former Blues goaltender still in the league other than Chris Mason. Are there any? Let me know down below, but I have a feeling the Sand Man (who is made of glass) is part of an exclusive fraternity. New Blues marketing slogan: Blues Hockey - We Will Ruin A Goalie's Career!

The Rams have lost. It's rainy and cold out. Snuggle up with the computer and comment the fuck out of this thing. This is your game day thread. Treat it like $200 laptop from Best Buy (Black Friday reference).