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Saturday Links: BLUES WIN!!! EDITION

If you don't say "Roberto Luongo" like Bloge Salming does, I can't help you.
If you don't say "Roberto Luongo" like Bloge Salming does, I can't help you.

I wish there were some way to differentiate between Hartigan and Drunk Hartigan. Oh, wait. right here. First full week on the job and the newbie was treated to too many drinks. There's a lot to go over, just check out Sport's Center's Top 10.

Blues News:

  • Beating Chicago is always spectacular. In this highlight video, the Rivs do just that. Get 'er done. Fuck yeah. [YouTube] Lies. All lies. I can't read.
  • Oh, winning?! Blues did that, suck it Canucks. Sidenote: the bulletpoint recap is spaaaaaaaaaaaades better, so read that. [Post Dispatch]
  • What?! There's a game tonight, too? So much hockey. I'm so ready. People in Texas don't know what ice is. Compare these two: [Blues] [Wild]
  • They are the enemy, I will love this blog for 23:00 hours, maybe less if there is OT. [Hockey Wilderness]

Hockey News:

  • Okay, so this was a link in the comments from yesterday from a Capitals fan [hey MikeL-Pivonka, we've got to meet up later in the season!] and some Red Wings fan wants our help,. My suggestion? Drink. Drink a lot. And it's not "suckatude" it's "failure to meet expectations." but seriously, drink. [Some Red Wings fan site]


Compare the two; especially Busta's part. BOOM

Turns out people from St. Louis don't like others to talk about their high school. Who knew? I love showing my superiority to Oakville.

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