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Blues @ "A Natural State Or Uncultivated Or Uninhabited Region" - Your GDT

And THAT is why you should not have a team nickname that does not end in an S, Minnesota.

No one reads these things, right? Well, HONEY BADGER DON'T CARE.

Plus, unlike Brad Lee, I don't hate the Cardinals. See, now I'm acting like a politician, and that's not cool.

Apparently Jaroslav Halak is in goal tonight, but I heard that report was from Andy Strickland, so you can take that how you'd like.

The Wild(s) made a big trade in the offseason in which they got rid of arguably their best defenseman (Brent Burns) and their top playmaker (Martin Havlat) for Dany "Fuckin'" Heatley and Devin "So Taguchi" Setoguchi. Nicklas Backstrom still plays goal for these guys, so they have THAT going for them. Anyway, this team is still probably boring.

If you're not here for this Game Day Thread, some of us will be at Cousin Hugo's for another GTGT that involves food, beer, hockey and people. Otherwise . . . comment on this thread like there's no game tomorrow. Because there is no Blues game tomorrow, because that would be three games in three days. Funny how that works.

Do. This. Shit.