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Sunday Links: Falling Back Edition

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I love a good double meaning for links. I hate the double meaning of today's title. Yay, for setting the clocks back. Fucking BOO for a Blues lost.

Blues News:

  • The more recent "woe is the power play" article. [Post Dispatch]
  • The enemy's view of last night's game. [Hockey Wilderness]
  • This article is from Wednesday, but the problems with the Blues' PP haven't changed. [BND]

Hockey News:

Other Stuff:

  • Hell hath froze over. Some people in Detroit are like the rest of us. #GoAWAYNickelback [Detroit Free Press]
  • Oh, AOL dialup. [TDW Geeks]
  • Things I want for Christmas: a buffalo as a pet and a convertible in which to put the pet buffalo. []


I was told that this would be my links video, so I said okay without watching it. I have since watched it, and, I just don't even know. Leave to the French and their male strippers...

On a normal note, the Black Keys have been playing on a loop this week.

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